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About us

Sass Hair Care was founded in 2020 by Saradine, a natural hair lover. Born and raised in Haiti, Saradine, also known as Sassou, was raised on a simple, yet effective hair care regimen.

Like many women, in 2008 Sassou's hair was eventually relaxed and damaged as a result. She did the 'big chop' in 2010 and began her journey to healthy hair once again. Due to the relaxer, Sassou's hair became very dry and the texture was permanently changed. After spending many years using and mixing different products trying find what would work best, Sassou decided to mix natural ingredients and came up with a product that truly moisturized her hair allowing it to flourish and grow beautifully. 

In 2020, Sassou made the decision to share her gift with others. It was then, Sass Hair Care was born. It is our hope that this product works for your tresses and aides you in your hair care regimen!